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About Us

Our Commitment

Unity First Hospice Care recognizes that people are not so much afraid to die as they are fearful of dying in pain, afraid of dying alone, afraid of being a financial and physical burden to their families, and fearful of losing the personal dignity they cherished their entire life. Unity First Hospice responds to these fears by surrounding the patient and family with the professional and volunteer support they need, and by never losing sight of the fact that the patient and family are the focus of the program of care.

Our Team

The interdisciplinary Unity First Hospice Care team is made up of trained caregivers who put individual patient and family needs first. Our focus will be on palliative treatment, including pain control and emotional and spiritual support. Our mission is to improve quality of life and provide comfort and dignity for people with life-limiting illnesses. A serious, advancing life-limiting illness can be a difficult condition to confront—let alone to talk about with your loved ones and friends. Yet, for many of us, the day will come when we need to confront limitations resulting from serious illness and consider how we would like to be treated if our condition became terminal. How might we like our life’s final chapters to unfold?

At Unity First Hospice Care, Inc., we advocate for the rights of terminally ill patients and their families. We believe that patients should be apprised of their clinical prognosis and be involved in the decision-making process that determines how their end-of-life care is provided.

Unity First Hospice Care, Inc. embraces its duty to provide specialized hospice care for persons living with advanced terminal illness. Our services are tailored to meet the hospice care needs of clients with life expectancies of 6 months of less.
We shall support the individual’s choice on how and where to spend their remaining days. As we fulfill their hospice care choices, we will see to it that their safety, comfort and dignity are preserved in every possible way.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Unity First Hospice Care, Inc. prohibits discrepancy in service provision and employment. In compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the company ensures that all eligible clients shall receive services due without unlawful discrimination against age, gender, color, religion, national origin, disability, race, sexual orientation, ethnic background, citizenship or ancestry
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