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5 Ways Hospice Comforts Your Family

Say you hear someone say the word “hospice”; likely it causes an immediate shudder. Hospice is not a “place” – it’s a philosophy of care that focuses on the entire family. Here are just a few of the benefits to families when their loved one chooses hospice care:

1. Less stress, better health

Research indicates that the spouses of hospice patients may live longer than those whose spouses did not choose end-of-life hospice support. One study found that surviving spouses whose husband or wife received hospice care had lower mortality rates 18 months after the passing of their spouse. The findings suggest that hospice care benefits not only patients but also their family members, by alleviating the suffering caused by the intense burden of caregiving.

2. Care support

Caring for people who are at life’s end is challenging, yet something that most of us would gladly do for our loved ones. Most of us want to die at home, and that means family members are the primary caregivers. Unity First offers flexible care options with the ability to provide support from all over. This means care on your terms, how you like.Our care team does visit the patient in the home on a routine basis to assess, monitor and treat symptoms, and they train the family and loved ones how to care for the patient when medical personnel aren’t around. When care is provided in a nursing home, our hospice team provides care in addition to the care the patient receives from nursing home personnel. In addition, we have a team of nurses available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by phone or in person to answer caregivers’ questions and concerns, provide support, and respond to emergencies.

3. Grief support

The thought of loving your loved one is a burden to carry. At Unity First, we know this. It is a relationship we seek to strengthen in its final moments, not detract from it. Hospice care also helps families cope with the anticipation of losing their loved one through the guidance and support of our social workers and chaplains. In advance of major life events, both patients and their families can reach out to the Unity First team for the support, compassion, guidance, and listening they deserve. 

4. Help with planning

In addition to working with the patient and family to create an individualized care plan, hospice staff can also help with advance care planning if that hasn’t already been taken care of. This includes having conversations about health care preferences, and helping to prepare Living Wills (not the same as a Last Will and Testament) and Medical Power of Attorney documents.

5.Peace of mind

Hospice care provides meaningful and compassionate end-of-life care according to the patient’s own wishes. It also gives family members the chance to spend precious quality time with the patient, creating moments of joy and celebrating the life of the one they love. Many families have said that they were surprised at how much they laughed and enjoyed the months and weeks they shared together.

You can sleep easy at night knowing you have the backing of an expertly trained professional team behind you every step of the way. Our work family assists your own family by meeting their physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs in addition to their loved ones. This improves the quality of life for the whole family. If you were ever curious about hospice care, we seriously enquire you to reach out today to see how we can help you. Our phone number is (562)-378-4607 , alternatively you can reach us at arlen@unityfirsthospice.com


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