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Overcoming the Challenging Stigma of Hospice and Palliative Care

The terms “hospice” and “palliative care” may imply doom and gloom – but we are here to break the stigma of end of life care and what it really is. The number of patients we work with that leave their time with us saying “we wish we called sooner” is significant. We want to let other families out there know what it’s really like to work with a hospice partner and what to expect in the process. Spoiler – it can actually be a very enriching experience for all involved. 

So how do we overcome the stigma of “hospice?” Most people interpret this as a fast track to the end, but no doctor is born with a crystal ball. No professional can always predict the speed of disease progression. Many hospice patients live beyond six months – even years – likely due to slower disease progression due to the expert pain and symptom management hospice professionals provide! 

It’s also extremely exhausting to take on this work on your own. Having a team that allows the wife to be a loving wife; or a son to be just that and not the sole caregiver.

Another fact about hospice that often surprises people: did you know several studies support the fact that hospice patients live longer? One study published in 2010 by The New England Journal of Medicine supports the fact that patients who receive hospice care live longer than those who receive standard care. How can you put a price on an extra day with a loved one? That is simply impossible. 

Not to mention, the time you spend with them is free from the stressors of care logistics or unknowns. We remove the questions so you can spend the beautiful moments with them you cherish forever. Can you think of anyone you know that might benefit from the added support hospice care provides? Is that person you?

If you want to explore how hospice can change you and your family’s life, you have come to the right place. Unity First Hospice prides themselves on premier compassionate care, at an amazing value. Give us a call at (562)-378-4607!


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