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If you ask your friends or family about hospice, you may hear many misperceptions and even fears about this type of comfort care − which can delay or prevent them from calling us.

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Grief is something that consumes us, envelopes our whole being. But, with time and work – it dissipates. A question that we receive often at Unity First is, “how long does this take?”

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Massage therapy can be relaxing and comforting for all ages, but most importantly for hospice patients. These individuals benefit immensely from this form of therapy that has been proven to provide significant improvement

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Most medicare or private insurance will pay for a patient’s hospice treatment. If the patient does not have adequate coverage through Medicaid, Medicare, or any type of private insurance, Unity First Hospice will

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How to support your loved ones with Alzheimer's with palliative care Alzheimer's and dementia are degenerative conditions that rob people of their memories, faculties, and independence. If your loved one is a victim

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