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Understanding Your End of Life Care Needs, with Unity First Hospice Care

September 5, 2018 ufhadmin 1 Comment

As the result of terminal illness or old-age, the end of life is a delicate and emotional time for the patient and their family. This is why selecting compassionate and skilled caretakers is a crucial. While it may seem as though hospice care can be found frequently, the quality of care is harder to come by. It is important to note the difference between good care versus poor care, as poor care can be difficult to detect. The National Cancer Policy Board has defined poor-quality care as the instance in when “practices of known effectiveness are being under utilized, practices of known ineffectiveness are being overutilized, and when services of equivocal effectiveness are being utilized in accordance with provider rather than patient preferences” in this study. Now, who would ever select a provider who would supply “practices of known ineffectiveness”? Or prioritize their concerns over the concerns of their patients? This occurs more frequently than you might think.

A surprising statistic found in the study shows a strong correlation between the aggressiveness of cancer care at the end of life, in the form of overdoing chemotherapy or different medical treatments. This can have an adverse effect on the patient and diminish the amount of quality time they can spend with their loved ones. Furthermore, patients may not have a thorough prognosis or know whether or not they need to go through such intense treatments if not necessary. Hospice care facilities often have a “doing something is better than nothing approach”, which can be more detrimental than beneficial.

Unity First provides many services to help facilitate the care process, and does so with a tactful approach. They offer: routine home care, general inpatient care, continuous care, and respite care. All of these different routes of care are appropriate for the different phases of illness a loved one may be in, and are not arbitrarily selected on the care-providers side. These services are dependent to whichever level of care you may request, and whichever level of crisis your loved one is in. Unity First values an open dialogue between patient and caregiver, and we have a certified and highly-trained faculty staff who are here to provide emotional and medical support whenever it is needed.

After understanding how widespread poor or underqualified end-of-life care is, Unity First Hospice Care will mitigate these potential concerns and provide you with the best possible hospice experience. Unity First is committed to providing careful, convenient, and empathetic care at all times. They are different than typical hospice facilities as they tailor-make an approach to your loved ones’ situation, and help to extend and cherish the valuable time you have remaining with them. If you are finding your family or friends in search of a supportive and caring hospice service, look no further, because Unity First Hospice Care is both professional, thoughtful, and a direct biller. You’ll be in a worry free position with Unity First Hospice Care.


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